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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

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Accord'n to Jordyn - Summary

Who is going to fill the Hanna Montana Void? Accord’n to Jordyn she’s V-I-V-I-D. Here it is! New kids TV Series “Accord’n to Jordyn” this month will start filming production on an exciting new kid’s television series for Australia. “Accord’n to Jordyn”...

The show stars fresh faced Jordyn Yarker, the 9 year old, multi-ethnic musical sensation touted as Australia’s next teen idol. Accord’n To Jordyn will follow the style of show popular of musical themed kids programming in the US and will uniquely feature animated scenes built from simailar software and modelling used by Pixar (Toy Story).
The Director is David Wright, a 25 year film and television veteran, and the past 15 years has seen him working actively as an in house director/producer and digital FX director for his own well known Australian production company Media Odyssey. He has been responsible for literally thousands of productions of a wide and varied nature and has been awarded for developments in stereoscopic digital video production (3D). In addition to his children’s animated series work, his works include impressive international advertising and marketing for Disney Channel, Europcar,
News Corp and Reuters. Jordyn Yarker stars as the lead character of her own show, with the same name; Jordyn. Jordyn is a regular, yet vividly imaginative young girl growing up in a typical modern day family; with two time poor parents, a prankster for a brother, a Poppa with the personality of a wet blanket and a globetrotting Grandma. With her parents and siblings frequently unavailable to turn to, she is finding her way in the world by
herself. She battles with a typical awkwardness and anxiety about fitting in at school that many young girls and boys can relate to. When Jordyn experiences challenging circumstances and feelings arise she overcomes negative emotions by transforming into “Vivid”; her fairy alter ego. Vivid
loans Jordyn the powers of confidence and moxie from a positive attitude. Vivid is unstoppable. Jordyn learns the ability to cope and deal with emotional pressures through the colourful song and dance numbers she learns from her life in Vivid. Accord’n To Jordyn is a unique show in that it depicts a modern family with a certain realism that is missing from Australian children’s TV shows to date. The creator, Lisa Yarker grew up like many children in today’s society; in a broken family unit. Lisa felt convicted to loan her personal story to the writing. Her strong motivation in creating
the show is to teach kids healthy ways to cope and deal with real issues and

The show has attracted Australian talent such as Rachel Blakely, Andrew Buchanan, Mackenzie Ferries, Errol J Morrison, Marilyn Jones, Abbe Pennell, , Garrit Griffith (Gaz) , Liam Masters, Dinah Williams, Ben Veitch, Jennifer Mathews & Adrian Stuckey.

Information about Accord’n To Jordyn will be online at the official website/s. Fans can follow Jordyn Yarker’s story in her personal production blogs and learn about what it takes to become the new kid on the block of Australian TV.
Posted on 30 Sep 2010 by Bogi
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