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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Article about the series 'Neighbours' from 1991'. Thanks to CAP!


Article about the series 'Neighbours' from 1994'. Thanks to CAP!


Blue Heelers
Article about the series 'Blue Heelers''. Thanks to CAP!


Tales of the South Seas
Article about the series 'Tales of the South Seas''. Thanks to CAP!


One Way Ticket
Article about the film 'One Way Ticket'. Thanks to CAP!


The beautiful house of Rachel Blakely
An article about Rachel Blakely and Sean Rigby's house that was on the Queensland Paper. Thanks to CAP!


An article about the Counterstrike. Rachel tell some words about the fight scenes.

Rachel's back in black
An inerview with Rachel Blakely from the Neighbours times. Thanks to CAP!


Rachel Blakely The Lost World
An interview with Rachel Blakely from the Femme Fatale Magazine. Thanks to CAP!


Laura interview
Pieces of a Beckers' interview with Laura Vasquez (Assai from The Lost World)


Phonecall description from the TLW Con 2006


The Catseyecorner's description about Rachel's phonecall on the TLW Con 2005


Chat with Rachel from the TLW board


Neighbours from Hell
An article from the Cult Times magazine.


A Woman of Substance
An article from the XPose Magazine


Rachel's Reward
This article about Rachel's pregnancy and the baby from 2004. Uploaded by LadyKrux



Articles about Penelope on the ep 2×19 Ulysses