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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Chad Chucka (????)



Written and directed by: Shelly Hatton
Genre: Comedy
Rachel’s role: Justine
Other stars:
Michael Winslow
George Wendt
Tim Kazurinsky
Maggie Dence




CHAD CHUCKER, a wannabe, ad-guru finally gets the chance to pitch his one and only good idea for the biggest AD company in New York. But disaster looms when JERRY HAMPTON the client of 20 million dollar campaign dismisses Chad's idea then discovers Chad accidentally had his Ferrari towed away placing the company and campaign in jeopardy. Meanwhile, back home in Australia, Chad s father passes away leaving, RON FURICK, the bank manager from hell, who swiftly makes his move to foreclose on the property but Ron is no match for DAISY, Chad s aunt, residing on the farm and animal refuge with ERNIE, a farmhand, as the pair stop at nothing to protect their beloved farm. With the news of his father, Chad heads for home accompanied by his good friend TOM, a fashion designer and NICHOLAS, a short fused psychic that gives misguided advice leaving behind, REBECCA, Chad s snobby, socialite fiance.

Tom becomes obsessed with the koala s fur for his new clothing line while Chad discovers his family is in serious debt and decides to pay his estranged, beach bum brother, RAD, a visit. The two brothers come up with some outrageous acts of crime to solve their financial woes landing them at a local pub where Chad meets up with JUSTINE, his childhood sweetheart. In the mean time, Rebecca guilt ridden, decides to surprise Chad by turning up at the ran down farm but the surprise is on her when the only one's home, are Daisy and ill mannered kangaroos. With one plan after the other failing and a two week notice to vacate the premises, Chad, Tom, Nicholas and Rebecca head back to New York where Chad reluctantly pitches Jerry s new idea, collects his ten percent then resigns from the company.

After gently breaking the news to an hysterical Rebecca that the marriage is off, Chad, Tom and Nicholas, arrive back in Australia to turn the dilapidated farm and animal refuge into a five star RESORT. Justine and Chad s love re-ignite. Tom designs the trendy uniforms with the Cockatoo s approval while Nicholas still tries to master the art of boomerang throwing, smashing everything in sight. With opening day a success and another surprise visit from Ron Furick, Chad soon realizes, his past has become his future.

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