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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Director: Jerry London
Date: 2 March 2003
Genre: action/adventure/drama/thriller
Country: USA
Other names: Attack on the queen (USA), Counterstrike (USA), Croisière à haut risque (France)




An international peace summit aboard luxury liner Queen Elizabeth II is interrupted by a group of extreme Taiwanese separatists who want to obtain nuclear bargaining chips against China. Queen Elisabeth II is a ship where there is a meeting between President of USA and president of China to break difference between two countries. Secret Service Agent Vince Kellogg (Joe Lando) and Brittany Cooper (Rachel Blakely) are on board and try to stop Taiwanese separatists with the help of ATF Agent Thomas Kellogg (Rob Estes), Vince’s brother, who parachutes secretly parachute onto the deck of the ship.
Taiwanese separatists are led by Monica Chang (Marie Matiko) who is one of the main characters in a film with her boyfriend Thad Burrows (Brad McMurray).


Rachel Blakely's role

In this movie, Rachel Blakely plays Brittany Cooper, who is the security head for the QE2. She has to see the security on the ship.
At the beginning, Thomas takes her in his nephew’s birthday party, and their friendship becomes a love.
But on the ship, Vince (Thomas’s brother) is falling love with her, although she is very kind with him, she doesn’t love him.
Brittany also has knowledge of martial arts, she shows them in a false fight with Monica Chang while two presidents, some bodyguard and agents are watching them. 
At the end Brittany has to fight to death againsts Monica in order to stop her.

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