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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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The Feds: Deception



Director: George Ogilvie
Writers: John Reeves, Patrick Edgeworth
Date: 1993
Genre: Action/Drama
Country: Australia


The Feds is series of Australian television movies, inspired by the work of the nation's premier law enforcement body, the Australian Federal Police. The action swings from Australia to Hong Kong and back, in a world where the Triads and L'Honarata co-exist and where governments fall and rise. At the heart of the story are the ordinary people who are cops, work with cops or  get married cops.

Rachel Blakely played in the episode 7, Deception in the year 1995. Her character's name was Victoria Payne.



Deception summary

In the night club world of drugs, sex and cocktails, the boundaries of decency become blurred and one never knows who to trust. Working under cover for The Feds, Jo's colleague is murdered before she can pass on information about a massive drug shipment arranged by the club's owner. Jo poses as a law student to infiltrate his organisation but soon discovers more than she anticipated. Meanwhile Dave investigates a suspected leak which may threaten Jo's survival.



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