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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Director: Colin Budds
Date: 1995-2000
Genre: Family / Drama / Adventure
Country: USA
Other names: The New Adventures of Flipper (USA)



The original series aired at year 1964 named by „Flipper”. Flipper was a show about a game ranger named Porter Ricks, and his two sons, Sandy and Bud. The show centers around a precocious pet dolphin, named Flipper, and all their adventures. The show ran for three seasons, and they stopped making new episodes in 1967.
In „The New Adventures of Flipper” Dr. Keith "Bud" Ricks returns to Florida to head an ocean research team and they have lot of adventures.


Rachel Blakely’s role

Rachel played a possible heiress of an island, who claims being a mermaid. She, Mellysand, meets Dean (Scott Michaelson) and he takes her with his friends. Meanwhile this friends try to find out who is Mellysand who doesn’t remember much her past, she knows that she hasn’t been a mermaid all her life, finally she manage to remember that she was a girl who drowned when she was 7 years old. Dean’s friends need her because she is the only one who can stop the island building, so the island destruction, because if she is that girl, she will be the heiress. For this the men of the building company kidnap her.

When  Mellysand is saved, they receive an information about her. The computer says that she is a swindler who had used the same situacion (pose as a mermaid) in others places. She denyies it.

Finally she escapes jumping into the sea, and they, shocked, see that she was telling the truth, she was a really mermaid!


This episode was broadcast the first time: Sunday March 2, 1997  



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