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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Mr. Nice Guy



Director: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo (who appears on movie)
Year: 1997
Genre: action/comedy/crime
Country: Hong Kong, Australia, USA
Other names: Mr. Nice Guy (Australia) (Hong Kong: English title) (UK) (USA)
No More Mr. Nice Guy (USA)
SuperChef  (Hispanic countries)
Yi ge hao ren (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)



A TV Journalist Diana (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) with her colleague Richard (Peter Houghton) are recording an exchange of drug. Giancarlo (Richard Norton), a mafia boss and his men, are exchanging money to drug from Demon gang. The journalists are seen by Giancarlo and his men and they have to run away. While Diana runs away, she finds Jackie (Jackie Chang) by chance, a famous cook whose knowledge of martial arts helps her survive.
But, her VHS-tape then gets mixed up with some kid's films in Jackie's car and so all the bad guys are after him as well as Diana. While Jackie's visiting his girlfriend Miki (Miki Lee), she gets kidnapped by Demon gang. They pretend exchange her girlfriend for the VHS. Jacki has to find her girlfriend and tries to finish with Giancarlo and his men.


Rachel Blakely's role

In this movie, Rachel Blakely plays Tara's role, the Demon girl. Although she is in a gang, she is the most reasonable in her gang. When they try to do something dangerous and it's possible this would kill many innocent people, she speaks and stops them. Besides, Tara helps Miki, when she is kidnapped by Demon.
At the end, Giancarlo kills many Demon's men, but Tara manages to survive (Although she finishes very hurt)

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