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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



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Neighbours - Friends From Twenty Years



Creator: Reg Watson
Date: 1985-
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia



The Australian daily serial, Neighbours, explores the lives and relationships of the residents of Ramsay Street. Currently celebrating its twenty first year of production in Australia, Neighbours is the country's longest running television series and one of its most successful exports. Neighbours has been seen in 57 countries to date to a daily audience of 120 million. It is currently on air in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Africa, Iceland, Dubai, Cyprus and Belgium.
In the year 2005 was the series twenty years old and the makers edited a special episode, whan the old neighbours returned to the series for one episode.


Rachel Blakely’s role

Rachel played Gaby Willis. Gaby lived in the street with her family from 1991 to 1994. During her time in Erinsborough she became the manager of Lassiter's, and after having a son, Zac, and reuniting with his father, Jack Flynn, she moved to manage the Darwin branch where she still is today.


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