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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

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Sea Patrol - 4×04 Ransom



Director: Geoff Bennett
Date: 6th May, 2010
Genre: Drama
Country: Australia



It resembles a scene from a Hollywood movie as the crew of Hammersley takes a break on a tropical island. Some swim, some laze, and the eyes of Two Dad’s (Nikolai Nikolaef) almost fall out of his head as Bomber (Kirsty Lee Allan) saunters in an itsy bikini towards the pool.

Watching the family fun between a father and his daughter particularly affects the XO, Kate McGregor (Lisa McCune), and on an evening stroll with CO Mike Flynn (Ian Stenlake) she asks if he ever thinks of having children.

A woman’s screams interrupt the moment. It is Fiona Douglas (Rachel Blakely), the mother of Mia (Mia Soriano), the child from the resort – and Fiona cries that her daughter is on a boat seen speeding from shore.

Thus the Hammersley becomes involved in a bizarre domestic dispute, pursuing the child’s natural father who it is believed has Mia on his luxury cruiser, the Silverado.

Kate’s concern for the little girl sees the sea boats (RHIBS) launched, and a confrontation with Fiona’s ex-husband, Thai businessman Santi Wantha (Kee Chan), who has liquidated his fortune and is believed to be leaving the country.

Mia is not on board, but Kate’s worry prompts the CO to agree to shadow the Silverado – resulting in the sight of a Zodiac speeding from the larger vessel.

On the Hammersley there is another frosty exchange between Kate and Dutchy (Conrad Coleby), leading Charge (John Batchelor) to remark that men like Dutchy are more at ease facing bullets than their own emotions. He surprises Kate by implying that Dutchy has feelings for her.

When the speed boat is found, it contains the body of a Silverado crew member, and as Wantha details one ransom demand he receives another – a photo of the dead man with the message that the price has gone up.

The deadline for the exchange is near, but when Wantha objects to Kate’s plan and goes for a gun, Dutchy knocks him cold. A substitute must meet the kidnappers, and the CO insists if it is to be Kate, Dutchy must be with her.

In Silverado crew uniform, and at sea awaiting contact, Dutchy and Kate talk briefly about personal issues, but when the kidnappers arrive, a tense standoff sees Kate captured and thrown below decks to join Mia. She manages to get a brief message out on an emergency beacon before being taken to an island, only to discover the mastermind of Mia’s abduction.

As the kidnappers’ greed dominates, Kate and Mia escape and head towards the beach, with Kate’s heroic efforts ensuring the little girl is finally safe.

The summary is from

Rachel Blakely’s role

Rachel plays Fiona Douglas, the kidnapped girl, Mia's mother. She appears only three scenes. Mia let fall her ice-cream, and it falls down to lieutenant Kate McGregor's swimsuit, this is the first time when Rachel appears, she says sorry instead of her on-screen doughter. Then she asks for help, because someone kidnapped Mia, and in the end of the episode she gets back her doughter.


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