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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



Max Knight: Ultra Spy



Director: Colin Budds
Date: 25 February 2000
Genre: action
Country: Australia /USA
Other names: Max Knight: cyber spy (France)
Max Knight: ultra spy (USA)



Max Knight (Michael Landes), ultra spy, a super cool agent with a titanium, who's ready to save the world at the drop of a microchip.    
Lindsay Daily (Brooke Harman),sixteen year old, she has a super brain and she is on the verge o discoverig a new power source when she is kidnapped by the mad genius Zachary Khan (Christopher Morris) who wants to she gives him her secret. Zachary's plan is to upload the minds of his fans into the internet and create an eternal cyberutopia. But the problem is he will destroy humanity in this process.
Ricki (Rachel Blakely), Lindsay’s sister, worried, she speaks to Lindsay’s friend, and he explain to her there is someone who can help her to find her sister. Ricki has to leave a message in his answering machine (that is very real). Max Knight when he hear her message, he goes to Ricki’s house while she is attacked by Zachary’s bad girls.  
Max and Ricki not only have to rescue her sister, but they have to save the world...


Rachel Blakely’s role

In this movie, Rachel Blakely plays Ricki’s role, and Claire’s role. The first one is Lindsay’s sister, a woman in her twenties. She looks after her sister alone and when she dissapear, Ricki speaks to Lindsay’s friend. He tell her there is one way to find her sister: she has to speak to Max Knight. So she put a special helmet in herself and she has a virtual “journey” to Max’s answering machine. “the answering machine” is a virtual woman, Claire, who, althought she is a sort of computer programm, she is obviously falling in love with him. And later she will be jealous of Ricki and her relationship with Max. Claire records Ricki’s message and she explain it to Max.
While Ricki is being attacked by Zachary’s girls during the night, Max Knight goes to help her. Since the first moment they meet each other, they fall in love. He takes her in his house, because her house is destroyed, and Ricki is shocked when she sees herself as a virtual woman.
Claire finds a clue about where Lindsay is, and tell it them. Max and Ricki track the clue till a strange party, and later they have to follow the bad girls. They are taken in supermarket, there Ricki is kidnapped by the bad girls and is taken where her sister is while Max is “recharging”.
There Zachary is almost killing Ricki with a special evil machine, Max arrives and he has to enter in a computer to save her and save the world with Claire’s help...



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