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Search Party



Writers: Laura Sobin, Amy Sweet, Barry Weintraub

Date: 1999-2000

Genre: Game-Show



This series is a game show, what was the beach of Florida, Hawaii, the Carribean, Mexico and Australia. In this show two team rival each other. The player work in one group with the celebrities.

Rachel Blakely in the show

Rachel Blakely was in 4 episode of this show in the year 2000. She played in the blue team. For interesting: David Orth also was in same episodes, but he played with the red team. Well, see what happened the episodes:

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (6) - First Aired: Tuesday September 5, 2000

Scavenger Hunt:
Task 1: Win at Twister--All six contestants get on the mat to play the familiar party game. Rachel goes down on just the second spin, no doubt disappointing many viewers. After several more spins Carol is eliminated, followed by David, then Amanda. Scott and Stolzie (Greg) go head to head, but while Stolzie is pursuing an aggressive offensive strategy, his knee scrapes the ground, giving the victory to Scott and the Blue team.
2. Search for someone who will throw the most clothes out their hotel window--Blue finds a guy in a motor home and deceive him into thinking THEY will be the ones disrobing. But even after they convince him to go along, he only has eight items to pitch out. On the other hand, Red's enthusiastic volunteer chucks 106 items out the window!
3. Search for a two-door car and fill it with as many people as possible--The teams have done this before, so you'd think Blue would have learned their lesson: find a convertible! Instead they use a pickup truck with a covered bed. Despite this, they fit 19 people in it, the same number that gets into Red's convertible.
4. Search for someone who'll let you do their job--Blue makes a nice choice--they go to an (empty) strip club! After talking their way in, all three members take a few turns around the pole. Alas, the clothes stay on! Score after round: Blue 1500, Red 1000.

Crab Dog Soccer--"Soccer" played with a beach ball. Players start out in the "crab" position (on all fours, torso facing upward), then when a ball goes out of bounds they reverse to the "dog" position. Hands are used freely during the dog style of play. Blue wins by a 1-0 score, reminiscent of many genuine soccer matches. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 1000.

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (7) - First Aired: Tuesday September 12, 2000   

Scavenger Hunt:
1st task: Feed a wild animal--Both teams very gingerly (and under supervision) feed a bottle of milk to a 300 lb. Bengal tiger.
2. Search for someone who will let team cover them in chocolate and then allow them to lick it off--The Blue team finds two topless women who agree to let them do it, and all three teammates join in the licking. Yes, that includes both females. It really happened.
3. Search for the most tourists to take team's picture in a five minute period. Red wins 13 pictures to 9.
4. Search for a tourist to help team eat the most Vegimite--Vegimite is a yeast product high in vitamin B, inexplicably popular in Australia and virtually inedible to most other people around the world. Team member Terry eats the most for the Red. This portion of the competition ends in a 1 jar to 1 tie.
Red in the lead after the Hunt.

Snow Man Stick 'em Up--Initial competitors place foreheads on a cricket bat and make several revolutions around it, getting good and dizzy. They then pick up some shaving cream, run through a course, then cover another player with the cream. The player so covered goes to stand in a kiddie pool while the other two teammates hit ping-pong balls at her. (Rachel and Carol are the targets for their respective teams. And you're right, it does sound familiar.) The most balls stuck to the person's body wins. Blue is victorious, 21 balls to 15. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 2000.

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (8) - First Aired: Tuesday September 19, 2000

Scavenger Hunt:
Task 1: Search for someone who will win an arm-wrestling contest--Two suitable contestants are found. Blue's "Mad Max" beats Noel. When Art offers the chance for the losing Red team to go double or nothing, team captain Carol quickly and flatly says "no."
2. Search for a tourist who'll change clothes with someone of the opposite sex on an escalator--Red recruits a couple who exchange several items. Rachel, who has proven that she's a game competitor, does the switching with a guy. She boldly, if briefly, takes off her top!
3. Search for someone who'll wear a bathing suit made of shaving cream--Red has to do some real persuading, but they talk a young woman into it and she goes through with it. Blue, on the other hand, entices a couple of guys with the prospect that Rachel will be putting the cream on. But as Art points out, they put shaving cream on a bathing suit rather than make a suit of shaving cream. The women don't seem to be wiling to help so much with this, and Red gets the definite edge here.
4. Search for someone who will eat the most anchovies--No one is particularly anxious to do this, but Red's guy comes through and wins 4 cans to 1.
During the Hunt, Art chats up a group of bikini-clad "meter maids" sponsored by a local radio station who go around putting change in about-to-expire parking meters. Nice idea, huh? Total after this round: Red 1500, Blue 1250.

Balloon Ballistics Bootcamp--Players have bunches of balloons tied to their ankles. They go through an obstacle course (over hurdles, under netting, etc.), then meet on a "battlefield" where they all try to pop the opponents' balloons. The last player with a balloon left wins for his/her team. Red prevails after frantic action. Final score for the day: Red 3500, Blue 1250.  

Surfer's Paradise, Australia (8) - First Aired: Tuesday September 26, 2000

Scavenger Hunt:
Task 1: Musical Boomerangs--Five boomerangs are placed in the ground. The six contestants, starting from a prone position, race to grab one. One player is eliminated in each round. Carol is the first to go, followed by Rachel, despite a good effort. Amanda proves no match for the men, then Cam is eliminated in a tough fight. Scott wins the final round against David without even having to dive for the last boomerang. Blue gets a chance to go double or nothing by throwing and catching a boomerang. They foolishly accept. Rachel gives a mighty heave, but no one can catch it.
2. Search for someone who will streak down the beach--Both teams have trouble finding volunteers initially. Blue's woman finally wraps herself in a towel and gives a very brief flash, but Red's guy runs down the beach openly, warranting a visit from the lifeguards.
3. Search for Australia's luckiest pouch and serve a drink in it--The teams don't know what this means at first, but they both decide on kangaroo scrotums!
4. Search for someone the team can give a vegamite makeover to--Blue adds a couple of slices of kiwi over their guy's eyes.
Blue completes one more task than Red for a 1500-1000 lead.

Princess Anne's Popcorn Ball--Players dive into a kiddie pool full of syrup, then do likewise into popcorn. What sticks to the bodies is then scraped off and measured to determine the winner. Scott appears to have used up too much syrup on himself in the first dive, leaving little for the women, but it works out all right as Blue wins. Final score for the day: Blue 3500, Red 1000.

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