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Role: Justine

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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



The Lost World



Director: Richard Franklin, Colin Budas
Year: 1999-2002
Genre: action/adventure/science fiction
Country: Australia
Other names: The Lost World: Land of the Apes” (UK), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World" (Canada)



The Lost World is a tv-show inspired by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle’s novel. It is set after the First World War, when  an expedition of Professor Challenger (Peter McCauley) goes to the Amazon jungle to find a prehistoric world where all is possible. In there, there are many special creatures like dinosaurs, enormous bee, spirits, tribes, cannibals, ape-man...Professor George Challenger leads the expedition, he is a scientis who belives in this special world; Arthur Summerlie (Michael Sinelnikoff), another scientist who goes to the expedition because he doesn’t believe this world exists; Lord John Roxton (William Snow), the famous hunter, and  adventurous and courageous man; Marguerite Krux (Rachel Blakely), the mysterious heiress who nobody know about and she funded the expedition; and Ned Malone (David Orth), the journalist who hopes to do the article of his life.
In there, they find Veronica Layton (Jennifer O'Dell), a woman who has been living alone in the jungle since her parents disappeared 10 years ago.



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