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The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite

The Unofficial Rachel Blakely FanSite



Tales of the South Seas



Directors: Ian Barry, Donald Crombie, Ian Gilmour, Scott Hartford-Davis, Brendan Maher
Date: 1998
Genre: adventure/action
Country: Australia



It is a adventure series set in the South Pacific Islands, in 1910. In the first episode, we know David Grief (Will Snow) and Mauriri Lepau (Naufahu) they have a boat the Rattler, the first one is the captain, and the second one is his Polynesian friend and partner. The serie explains their adventures in the south pacific islands.
The French colonial controlled the towns of the south seas but the outer island aren’t still discovered and there are headhunters, zealot missionaries...
Isabelle Reed (Rachel Blakely) is an English woman who is accused of murdering her french lover. David sees her and try to prove her innocence.


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